Postcards I - Backstage

POSTCARDS_Trilogy (2013-2016) is a collection of 42 short video-postcards that are part of the on-going video-performance project POSTCARDS. It explores the individual relationship to clothes, landscape and waiting.

In each video a volunteer protagonist is wearing a special piece of clothing that they own and love but don’t have the chance to wear. Each person is set in a landscape chosen by the artist, from rural to urban, to forgotten locations, and left to do nothing but wait while the camera is shooting. Each video-postcard is accompanied by an intimate text revealing the relation to the outfit, the waiting and the inner landscape that the two generated.

There’s a landscape that one can see, such as when staring at a postcard, and others that we just can’t see. Besides choosing what to wear in front of the mirror, we are also creating some landscape with our imagination, and we’re carrying it around with us out in the world. Pointless waiting generates landscapes, too; and our mind wanders around them.

PART I _ Postcards from the Plain

PART II_ Postcards from the Wait

PART III_Postcards from the Unknown


Supported by: Atalaia Artes Performativas Residency 2016, CMÉvora, Chaia, Direção Regional de Cultura do Alentejo, Município de Almodôvar, Pódeviraser, POSTPOST, Spazio T_Alghero.

Design and Catalogue: Munari Design

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Chosen work for DUCATO PRIZE CATALOGUE 2019

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