Eleonora Marzani - Ritratto


Eleonora Marzani is an Italian performer and interdisciplinary artist and teacher, working across the fields of performative, textual and visual. Her work explores the issues of image construction and imagination, putting the body in relationship to space, community, and language. She carries on research that is both practical and theoretical (she is a member of the research center CHAIA/University of Évora, PT) and both in solo projects and collaborations.

Her background is composed of varied experiences in different genres of experimental theater and performance art (Guillermo Gómez-Peña & La Pocha Nostra; Michele di Stefano/MK; Motus; Cie Philippe Genty; Dewey Dell; Teatro Magro, among others) and performer trainings (Phillip Zarrilli’s psycho-physical approach, Jacques Lecoq, Suzuki method, among others) that lead to a both practical and academic research around the relationship between imagination and psycho-physical performing and training. Landscape and language are recurrent themes in her works, as well as the relationship between image and words. She is currently researching the relationship between physical and virtual dimensions, as well as experimenting with audience inclusion and participation in the creative and performative process.

Photo: Riccardo Tarantola

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