Quarto Paesaggio, the Fourth Landscape, is here considered as the landscape that does not exist yet, nevertheless is all the possibilities of creation.

The Fourth landscape is the imagined landscape, the one generated by fantasy in response to the limitation of the sight; it starts from an individual point of view but it can be widespread further through sharing.

Gilles Clément classifies landscapes as follows. There is an anthropic landscape, modified by human beings; secondly, there is a natural landscape, that generates spontaneously without any human intervention. Then, there is a Third landscape: “An undecided fragment of the planetary landscape, the Third landscape is made up of all the places neglected by human beings. […] Third landscape refers to the Third State (not to the Third world)” (p.11).

From the Third landscape, “the elective territory of diversity, and therefore of evolution, [that] favors invention and is opposed to accumulation” (p.57), we start to create a new dimension where the imagination projects itself. The Fourth Landscape is this projected, realized imagination. This is an occasion of performance practice dissemination. Follow the instructions you find in the images attached below.


Project: Eleonora Marzani

Included in “Semi. Archivio di pratiche, Vivaio di Esperienze” by Alice Bescapé, exhibition Sguardi Urbani, Casa degli Artisti, Milan (IT)

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