La Lontananza - Car - Photo by Joaquim Carrapato

LONTANANZA is an Italian word indicating the condition of distance between people and/or between elements.

Italian artist/performer Eleonora Marzani and Portuguese performer/dancer Márcio Pereira create a piece that mixes performance and video installation. The piece is a quest for the Other, present yet distant, or absent yet evoked, trying to fill the physical or virtual gap, questioning the real or virtual closeness/distance. The gap is explored through both the live performance and the video installation, through chasing tracks, marks, auras, phantoms, simulacra, and icons.

This project is inspired by the work of British duo Hancock & Kelly Lone Duets which consisted in a series of solo performances that each member of the duo created as a response to the previous performance of the other. La Lontananza is also constructed as a potential stimulus-response dynamics, though it includes the possibility of a broken dialogue between the two.


Creation, performance, video concept: Eleonora Marzani, Márcio Pereira
Video installations: Eleonora Marzani
Sound: Mara

Ph: Carla Fernandes, Joaquim Carrapato, Marta Sales.

Additional Info

Co-production: Festival AAR, CHAIA/University of Évora (Ref.ª UID/EAT/00112/2013); Associação Pédexumbo; Associazione POSTPOST.
Premiere at Festival Artes À Rua 2018, Évora, Portugal.