“So much landscape. One could spend their whole life wandering about here and never find themselves, especially if they were born lost.”
José Saramago_ Raised from the Ground

I’m Italian, I lived in Portugal for a couple of years, and I have travelled a lot. After this experience, I think that now I know what saudade is. GLOSSA is a journey into my own saudade, a path between reality and imagination, an exploration of both physical and emotional geography, a search for orientation in the Portuguese territory and language. GLOSSA is an encounter with the audience in the form of a performance lecture where gestures, words, images from my own personal archive help me coming back over and over again to Portugal and other places. I turn fluid the different dimensions of my own saudade, I dive into my own private constellation of words, in search of orientation.


Versions in Italian, English, and Portuguese [Glossa: À Margem da Paisagem e da Linguagem]

Creation and performance: Eleonora Marzani
Dramaturgical Mentor: Chiara Murru
External eye: Marta Rosa, Barbara Eforo
Production: Spazio T
Supported by: CMÉvora, Artes À Rua, Universidade de Évora/CHAIA
Illustration and Animation: Ostraliana
Graphic Design: Alessandra Pergoli Campanelli & Elia Villani (Enrica Design)
Italian Premiere: Mamatita Festival 2022

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