Photo project: writings on the walls of the city of Piacenza, Italy.

The first collection of images of the project For Crying Out Loud, gathered in June 2023, registers some writings that have appeared on the walls of the city of Piacenza, Italy. Words that anyone can read, thoughts of love or hate, philosophical or mocking observations, public or private affairs, located in both central and more peripheral areas. The purpose of this project is to collect and register these voices on the walls before they disappear, as has already happened to some of them.


For Crying Out Loud Piacenza: June 2023

Published in Perimetro Magazine – Piacenza, issue n°1, Sept 2023

On show at XNL Piacenza

Additional Info

Project partially developed during the workshop with editor Sebastiano Leddi from the magazine Perimetro at XNL, Piacenza, IT.

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