Eleonora Marzani - Des-Dobragem - Photo by Joana Brandão

‘A language is a landscape’. The performance is a playful exercise of multiple and simultaneous translations in between languages: Portuguese and Italian, spoken and written text, photographic and graphic image.

Inspired by the first chapter of Levantado do Chão (Raised from the ground) by Portuguese writer José Saramago, the performance Des-Dobragem mimics the human tendency of defining and owning the landscape, eventually representing it and creating on top of it.

The same performative action can unfold on and on while performed in other languages.


Commissioned by: Câmara Municipal de Almodôvar – Festival Escritas do Sul 2016

MESA – Museu da Escrita do Sudoeste de Almodôvar

Ph: Joana Brandão de Almeida